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The Co-Ordinators Of the Local Sites Affiliate Network

The Co-Ordinators of the Local Sites Affiliates Network are Local Merchant Services (LMS), who were established in 2017 and operate a network of local web sites with over 2.6 million subscribers.

As such, LMS can offer a range of targeted marketing services through the site operators. Details below on the overall programme


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Contact Us At : contact@localmerchant.services

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This site provides a channel for merchants to promote their products and services to local audiences.

This site provides a locally branded site for local and national merchants to promote their products and services to local audiences.

Many local businesses are willing to spend money on new customers but don’t know how to market online.This site provides a channel for local and national merchants to receive leads and sales in exchange for a commission.

Reasons why local affiliate marketing works include the fact that many Businesses need the Service. Even as we enter the third decade of the commercial internet, most local businesses struggle with digital marketing

In a recent survey, 27% of small businesses said that they don’t have the time or the budget to market themselves online The survey also found that 32% of small businesses say that internet marketing is “very effective”. However, 20% of small businesses don’t invest in any digital marketing due to cost or time concerns.

30% of small businesses say that keeping up with technology is one of their biggest marketing challenges. Only 72% of local businesses use email marketing. As per one study, the biggest reason for not using email was that it’s “too complicated”.

Small businesses know that their customers are increasingly moving online. However, they often don’t have the expertise, the time, or, sometimes, the budgets to hire dedicated marketers.

Which is where this local site come in.

This site integrates tools to recruit and manage local affiliates to perform functions as below:

- Recruit local businesses to the programme

- Negotiate deals where they sell leads either on a commission or a flat per lead basis through this site

- Negotiate lead type (phone call, email, nurtured lead, etc.)

- Attract local traffic

- Track referrals