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Is For Sale As Part Of The Upcoming Network That Will Provide Channels For National And Local Merchants. The Sale Includes a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

About The Local Metaverse Programme

    Companies need to be thinking about Metaverse Strategies, because the Metaverse is increasingly becoming where your target audience will be. Every brand, company and notable figure will eventually have a metaverse and NFT integration. Just as every company has adopted some form of social media, this will also be the case for NFTs and Metaverses which can open a new dimension for merchants, and open many more possibilities for them.

    We see a future where consumers will need to access the NFTs and Metaverse Programmes of their Local Merchants as well as National merchants. We also see a future where not only virtual-to-virtual is engaged on in the Metaverse, but physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-physical commerce also.

    We need a means to list the NFTs and Metaverse Programmes of Local Merchants as well as National merchants This is where the Programme operated by Local Merchant Services comes in. Local Merchant Services were established in 2017 and operate a network of local web sites with over 2.6 million subscribers.

    LMS has established a Local Metaverse communities Network and is selling Metaverse Land within that network on which Multivendor marketplaces for Augmented Reality Products are provided and where LMS subscribers and other consumers can access the NFTs and Metaverse Programmes of their Local Merchants as well as National merchants

    About Metaverse Land

    The Metaverse will be a virtual world, made up of metaverse Communities which are the Building Blocks of the Metaverse, and which are developed on Metaverse Land. Metaverse Land can be used as an Investment or for Development as a metaverse community.

    Metaverse land is the most lucrative investment in the Metaverse ecosystem. It is a strategic asset that is expected to appreciate in value over time. People can acquire Metaverse land, then sell it or rent it to other users.

    This Site is included in The Metaverse Land Sale

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    About this Local Site

    This Local Site is branded from the Geo Domain, and is being sold as Metaverse Land For investment or Development as a metaverse community. It will be sold with an inbuilt Multivendor marketplace that can be used by the buyer if the Buyer so desires, as well as to rent out to others. More details on request The site will be customized for the Purchaser as required to relect the site name and other relevant aspects. Links will also be put from this site, to Local Sites Of Interest

    About Geo Domains

    The term geo domain refers to domain names that are the same as those of geographic locations. Since geographical domain names are limited in number and have good name recognition, geo domains are highly valued.


About The Metaverse

The Metaverse is made up of metaverse communities. This site will be a Metaverse Community featured at

The Metaverse

Network is operated by LMS who manage over 100 local sites. Buy This Site and Join the Network. Supported Programme For Buyers

The Role Of NFTs

NFTs will be a fundamental part of the Metaverse. Using NFTs, users can receive rewards, and own and sell services and items verifiable on the blockchain

NFTs Resource

NFTs allow for holders to own land and monetize assets across Metaverse communities. An NFTs Resource is integrated in this site to generate revenue

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